Maintain Your Paradise with Expert Pool Service

Enjoy the Presidential Treatment 

Presidential Pools & Spas offers an array of world-class maintenance and repair pool services from our elite technicians.

• Weekly pool service and maintenance
• Filter replacement and cleaning
• Learn pool care basics at Pool School
• Expert service and installation of solar, gas and electric heat pumps
• Complete and partial pool remodels 

Our Dedicated Pool Service Supports Your Long-Term Enjoyment

Presidential Pools & Spas not only builds luxury poolscapes. Our highly trained team of maintenance, service and installation experts offers an elite level of knowledge for daily or weekly management and repair. Once your build or remodel is completed, you will enjoy years of relaxation and enjoyment from our elite pool service and maintenance. 

And we don’t just keep the pool water clean – we make sure that your investment is kept in optimum condition. Regular pool maintenance is imperative to avoid costly repairs. We want to keep your pool safe and enjoyable for everyone. Say goodbye to the stress of green water and floating debris – let us dive in with our expert pool service.

Presidential Pools & Spas pool services take away the inconvenience of maintaining a pool, leaving you with more time to relax. We balance chemicals, check filtration and water levels, skim debris and check for issues with mechanics. 

But if you would rather properly maintain your pool on your own, we can help you learn how at Pool School. Routine maintenance can extend the life of your pool and allow you to enjoy it more often and for years to come. 

Pool Service showing chemicals and testing supplies
Pool Service with Leaf Skimming

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The Presidential Pools team is happy to answer any questions regarding your pool maintenance needs. Contact us at (407) 537-6613.