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Let’s Make Your Backyard a Place Everyone Can Enjoy!

From simple and elegant to something more exotic, a custom-built pool is sure make your backyard come alive. Our Pool Gallery has thousands of examples from our pool construction work so stop by today and take a look!

We work closely with your family to envision and execute a design plan that is ideally suited for you. Whether it be during the initial stages, construction process or after we’re finished -our goal has always been one thing: To create an experience where everyone can enjoy themselves! And here’s how we do it:


The Presidential Process

Design Your Oasis

The design process begins by taking measurements of your backyard or any other areas that will be included in your oasis. Your design consultant will work with you to create a digital 3D model that accounts for available space, terrain height requirements (or lack thereof), sun exposure levels as well as budget before signing any contract! You can even interact via Virtual Reality once plans are agreed-upon so there’s no guesswork involved in getting what looks good installed on site – it just works perfectly every time because these experts know how much hard work goes into making sure everything aligns correctly without sacrificing aesthetics or safety standards.

Preparing for Luxury

When you build with Presidential Pools, we take care of all the details. We only use high-quality materials and our project managers are always available for any questions or concerns that may come up along with their expertise on building phases – they’re here to make sure everything goes smoothly! Plus we offer warranties so there’s no need worry about anything happening later down the line. Our company prides itself by providing “White Glove” customer service which can be seen as one way why people choose us to build their backyard oasis.

Experienced Execution

We’ll take your vision from ordinary to extraordinary with a commitment to quality and safety. From landscape formations providing privacy, cascading waterfalls masking area noise or even underwater lights that will make you feel like part of the deep sea aquarium exhibit! Our market-leading technology makes managing every aspect as easy as pressing buttons on an phone. Trust The Presidential Process and we will have you swimming in your luxury oasis in no time!

Schedule your free pool design consultation

A custom pool design consultant will be happy to go over each step with you. All you have to do is contact us to set up a phone call or time to meet.