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How Much Does A New Swimming Pool Cost?
November 1, 2022
By Phil Lelle

Let’s keep it simple and start with a basic 300 square foot pool with a small paver deck, for somthing like this, our starting price will be in the mid $60k range. Adding a screen can increase the price anywhere from $7500 up depending on how big the deck is and why style screen you choose. Adding a spa to a pool can increase the overall price $10-15k depending on size, heat source and more.  – Our #1 goal is to design and build the backyard you and your family have always wanted, one where memories will be made for everyone. We’re also dedicated to being 100% transparent in everything we do which is why we will NEVER mislead you by giving you pricing without explaining where the cost is coming. Items such as special water features, equipment selections, automation and technology, and multiple other factors all add to the overall price of a pool. As you start to look at other builders in the Central Florida area, Presidential Pools & Spas are here to help you understand what you are purchasing and what to look for when purchasing your backyard dream. Many different elements can drive the cost of a pool, including:


  • Will your family swim all year round or just a few months out of the year?

  • Do you want to dive into your pool, swim laps or play volleyball?

  • Do you want to lounge and relax in your new pool or exercise in it?

  • Is it going to be the local hangout with family and friends or just for you and a few others?


  • What are the existing yard conditions?

  • What equipment is going to be used?

  • What is the quality of the materials being used for the construction of your new pool?

  • What kind of sanitization system will be installed?

  • Do you want an in-ground floor cleaner or just a basic skimmer/drain option?


  • Do you want any water features?

  • Do you want any fire features?

  • What kind of interior finish are you looking for?

  • What kind of decking material would you like to use?

  • Are there going to be any seating areas in the pool?

  • What kind of waterline tile are you going to choose?

  • Any accent walls or features?

Just from the list above we’re sure you have some questions… that’s what we are here for. Our process is simple – click the link below to book a free consultation with one of our experienced designers and let them design the backyard dream that not only fits your budget but also gives you the backyard dream that will provide amazing, life-long memories.

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