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Breaking Down the Cost of a Florida Pool
February 6, 2023
By Phil Lelle

Ready to take the plunge and build a pool? You’ll be swimming in style – but of course, there’s more than meets your eye. Investing in a custom-built backyard paradise is no small feat – especially with prices soaring well into the $40Ks range due to economic adjustments and supply chain issues.

Not only do you have access to customizable features like waterfalls or lighting for that extra wow factor, but don’t forget about those all important behind-the scenes considerations: sanitation systems, filtration technology & energy efficiency are key elements needed for keeping any oasis healthy! Make sure you ask us so we can help turn your dreams into reality!

Presidential Pools is here to help you make the pool of your dreams – no matter what your budget! Just check out our handy infographic, and let us guide you through all the options so that everyone in your family can be happy. Let’s get building!

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