Entertaining Poolside: Tips for the Perfect Pool Party

As the weather warms up, hosting a pool party is a fantastic way to cool down and catch up with friends and family. But throwing the perfect pool party involves more than just filling the pool and inviting guests. It requires thoughtful planning, from choosing pool-safe decor to selecting the right snacks and organizing engaging activities. This guide will provide you with all the tips you need to host an unforgettable poolside bash that your guests will rave about all summer long.

1. Setting the Scene with Pool-Safe Decor

Creating a vibrant and safe pool environment is crucial for any successful pool party. Here’s how you can set the perfect scene:

Choose Non-Glass Containers

Safety comes first at any pool party. Opt for plastic or silicone cups and plates to avoid the hazards of broken glass near bare feet. Today’s market offers many stylish and reusable options that look just as good as glass but are much safer for poolside use.

Add Waterproof Lighting

For parties that stretch into the evening, lighting is key. Waterproof LED lights are perfect for setting the mood and ensuring that your pool area remains safely lit. Consider floating pool lights or even temporary underwater LED lights to add a magical touch.

Comfortable Seating

Make sure there’s ample seating for guests to relax. Inflatable loungers, waterproof bean bags, and outdoor sofas provide comfortable spots for guests to lounge and chat. Position seating in shaded areas or use large umbrellas to protect guests from the sun.

2. Engaging Water Games and Activities

No pool party is complete without fun water games. Here are some ideas to keep guests entertained:

Pool Volleyball or Basketball

Invest in a pool volleyball net or a basketball hoop designed for pool use. These games are great for involving guests of all ages in some friendly competition.

Floating Ping-Pong

Purchase a floating ping-pong table for a twist on traditional table tennis. It’s a fun, engaging game that keeps guests entertained without requiring too much physical activity.

Water Balloon Toss

Fill up water balloons and have a classic toss game. Make it interesting by gradually increasing the distance between partners with each toss.

3. Perfect Poolside Snacks

Food is a centerpiece of any party. For a pool party, opt for light, refreshing snacks that aren’t too heavy but can keep energy levels up.

Fruit Skewers

Offer an assortment of colorful fruit skewers. They’re not only hydrating and healthy but also easy to eat even while swimming around. Include a mix of melons, pineapples, strawberries, and grapes.

Finger Foods

Serve a variety of finger foods that guests can easily grab without needing to sit down with a plate. Think mini sandwiches, sliders, or spring rolls. Provide plenty of napkins to keep hands clean.

Refreshing Beverages

Keep guests hydrated with a range of thirst-quenching drinks. Alongside water, offer homemade lemonades, iced teas, or fruit-infused waters. For adult gatherings, a selection of cocktails or mocktails can add a festive touch.

4. Creating a Chill-Out Playlist

Music sets the atmosphere, so curate a playlist that complements the vibe of your party. Whether it’s upbeat dance tracks or relaxed summer tunes, ensure your music selection enhances the pool party experience.

  • Use waterproof speakers to keep the music going all day. Place speakers around the pool area to evenly distribute the sound.

5. Safety Measures and Comfort

Ensure everyone has a safe and comfortable time by considering these additional tips:

Sunscreen Station

Set up a sunscreen station with a variety of sun protection options, including SPF lotions and sprays. Encourage guests to reapply sunscreen every two hours to protect against sunburn.

First Aid Kit

Always have a first aid kit on hand equipped with essentials like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and aloe vera for sunburn relief. Knowing these items are available can put you and your guests at ease.

Pool Rules

Clearly communicate pool rules at the beginning of the party. Include rules about diving, running around the pool, and glassware restrictions. This will help prevent accidents and ensure that everyone enjoys the party safely.


Hosting the ultimate pool party is all about preparation and attention to detail. By creating a safe and inviting atmosphere with fun activities, delicious snacks, and the right music, you can ensure that your poolside entertainment is a hit. At Presidential Pools and Spas, we understand the joy that a well-maintained and beautifully designed pool can bring to any home. Follow these tips to take full advantage of your swimming pool and make your next pool party a memorable summer event.

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